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CUAbroad Services

Education Abroad Advising: CUAbroad offers a range of advising and support services to students on such issues as program selection, academic planning, registration, credit transfer, financial aid, and cultural adjustment. Visit our Advising web page for more information.
Pre-departure Orientation programs and materials have been prepared to assist students in preparing for their study abroad experience. All students participating in education abroad (study and internship) programs are strongly urged to attend.
Re-entry resources, programming and follow-up advising are designed to facilitate your smooth transition back to life at home. Some events are more social in nature and provide plenty of networking opportunities. Others are more structured and discuss topics such as reverse culture shock, making the most of your experience (career-related information) and others.
The ISIC offers a variety of discounts and benefits on travel-related services and products. In addition to accident insurance, it also provides some limited emergency evacuation and repatriation benefits for student travelers. The Center for Global Education - CUAbroad is the only official issuing site on campus.


Conducted by CUAbroad professional staff, these introductory informational sessions cover topics every student planning to study abroad should know about.  Attendance is mandatory for students wishing to undertake for-credit study, internship, service learning, research or other types of programs abroad. 
Program-specific informational sessions are scheduled throughout the academic year.  To see the schedule of these events, follow this link


Before or after attending an information session, a visit to the Resource Library is highly recommended as you begin to search for the perfect program. The library has information about study abroad and travel in general and about specific study, internship, work and volunteer opportunities. The library is located in the CUAbroad office and is open during regular office hours.