The Catholic University of America

How to Apply for Semester and Summer Programs


Before submitting an application, all applicants must meet with their academic advisors to discuss requirements remaining for their degrees and also to plan how the courses they wish to take abroad will fulfill graduation requirements.


General Application Materials (must be submitted for every program):

1. CUAbroad Online Application containing basic information about you and your program. Log in with your CUA network ID and password.  When complete, click the 'Finalize and submit button.'

2. Education Abroad Credit Approval Form. Read the instructions first.  Separate guidelines are available for Rome and Oxford. On the credit approval form, students will list the courses they intend to take abroad, including several back-ups. All proposed courses must fit into the student's tracking sheet, and each requires a signature from the appropriate CUA official: the Departmental Advising Coordinator's signature for courses in the student's major or minor, and the Transfer Coordinator's signature for distribution and free electives.  Both the Advising Coordinator and the Transfer Coordinator must also sign the bottom of the form.

3. Official Academic Transcript showing your coursework to date along with the current cumulative GPA at the time of application.

4. Application Fee.  A $100 non-refundable application fee must accompany your application. Payment methods include cash, check (payable to "CUA") or credit card. Please bring payment directly to CUAbroad in McMahon 111. Be sure to provide your phone number and note the program for which you are applying.

5. Color photocopy or scan of the information page of your passport.  Each student is responsible for obtaining his/her passport well ahead of the application deadline. If you fail to obtain a passport before the application deadline, you risk not being able to participate in the program due to the time required for visa processing.  Most semester and academic programs do require a visa and applying for one may take 4-6 weeks. The State Department passport web site has information on how to apply for - or renew - your passport.

6. Photo.  Each student is asked to supply a passport-style photo of themselves for their student file. Be sure your name is written on the back. Some programs will require additional passport-style photos.  Please check your program's web page to find out. Passport-style photos measure 2X2 inches and are obtainable at a Walgreens, CVS, FedEx, or the local post office.

7. Program-Specific Application Materials. These are additional forms and documents that may be required by the overseas host institution or program. Examples include: 

- host institution's own application (online or in hard copy)
- housing application
- additional passport-style photographs
- language assessment
- resume or CV
- police clearance letter
- approval from the home institution's education abroad office, etc.  

Program-specific application materials are listed on the appropriate program web page and should be submitted directly to CUAbroad along with all of the general application materials. No education abroad application is complete without all the program-specific forms and other required materials.