The Catholic University of America

CUAbroad Photo Contest

Photo Contest 2018-2019: Submitting Your Photos

Eligibility Requirements

  • Catholic University students who participated in an approved education abroad program during the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • Faculty and staff who traveled abroad for Catholic University during the 2018-2019 academic year.


  • People
  • Places
  • Culture
  • Color

Submission Guidelines

  • Participants may submit a maximum of 1 photo per category.
  • CUAbroad may re-categorize a photo if it would otherwise not be chosen as a finalist.
  • The student who enters the photo must be the person who took the photo.
  • Entries must be in jpeg format, no larger than 7MB each.
  • Entries will first be judged by CUAbroad.
  • Finalists will be displayed at the 2019 Education Abroad Fair.
  • Students will vote for the winners. Prizes are awarded to the best of each category and to the best photo overall.
  • Submission deadline: Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Contest finalists will be revealed at the CUA Education Abroad Fair.  Students and faculty will have the opportunity to vote for the top three winners.


The winner of each category receives a scratch-off world map to show off their travels!
The Grand Prize winner receives an online masterclass with world-famed photographer Annie Leibovitz!


CUAbroad 2016-2017 Photo Contest

2016-2017 Photo Contest Winners:


Best Color: Kailyn Keller (1st Place)                         Best Color: Flynn Williams (Runner Up)
"Lake Matheson"                                                        "Covered Market"


Best Culture: Gabriella D'Angelo (1st Place)       Best Culture: Chelsi Marcellana (Runner Up)
"Sweet Passito"                                                       "Andalusian Wonder"


Best People: Bray Skraggs (1st Place)                Best People: Gabriella D'Angelo (Runner Up)
"Murano"                                                              "Ripe for the Picking"


Best Places: Rachel Day (1st Place)                      Best Places: Elizabeth Mendoza (Runner Up)
"The Grand Canal"                                                  "Evening Over Thames"

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