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CUAbroad Forms

On this page you will find forms that are necessary to complete for consideration in education abroad programs administered by CUAbroad.  In addition to CUA forms you may be required to complete other forms that are specific to a particular overseas institution or CUA partner organization.  Some of these forms are exclusively online.  All applicants must consult with CUAbroad to find out which forms are needed to apply for a particular program.


Application Forms

CUAbroad Online Application

Click on the CUAbroad Online Application link to begin your online application.  This form has multiple sections and includes all the waiver forms as well.  All education abroad applicants must be complete this form online.

Credit Approval Forms

Completing the CUAbroad Credit Approval Form form is a mandatory part of the application. This form form requires signatures from the major academic advising coordinator and the Dean's Office. If course selection changes after acceptance or during the term abroad, students must notify the appropriate official on the home campus and obtain approval for the new course and make sure that it applies toward the entire degree (i.e. each proposed course must fit into the tracking sheet). 

Transcript Request Form

Students requiring an official transcript may make the request online through their Cardinal Station accounts, or they may submit the CUA Transcript Request Form to Enrollment Services.  Further instructions are available on the Enrollment Services website.  Please note that that non-CUA programs, faculty-led programs, and the CUA in Rome program do not require an official transcipt.  Students applying for these programs may print an unofficial transcript from their Cardinal Station account.

Rome Program Forms

1. Housing Preference Form


Co-Curricular Travel (Not for Credit) Program Applicants

Those participating in a non-credit travel abroad programs will need to print and sign the forms below and return them to the program administrator.

Study Abroad Agreement
Emergency Contact Information
Health Information


Cancellation & Withdrawal

Education Abroad Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy - This document outlines the terms, conditions - and penalties - under which CUA and non-CUA participants accepted into education abroad programs administered by CUA may cancel their intent to participate.


Forms for Non-CUA Students

Non-CUA Student Advisor Approval Form - For those who are NOT students at CUA, but wish to apply to participate in a CUA affiliated education abroad program. Please note that CUA students have priority over available program spaces.

CUA Application Form for Non-Degree Students - Students should submit this form to the CUAbroad Office so that staff can shepherd it through the CUA Admissions process.


Forms Required After Acceptance 

Offer Acceptance Form - This form must be read and signed by all students studying abroad on a CUA or CUA-affiliated program.  By signing and submitting the form, students confirm their intent to participate on the program and acknowledge their associated fiscal and academic responsibilities.

Intent to Study Abroad Housing Form - If you live on campus, please take time to notify CUA Housing of your education abroad plans, and whether you will be utlizing CUA housing the semester you return. This is your responsibility.


Setting Up a Power of Attorney

Setting up a power of attorney (POA) can be very helpful if you have a commercial loan that requires a signature when checks arrive. By setting up a power of attorney, you can have a trusted person here in the US sign on your behalf. POA can be useful if any other legal or billing situations arise while you are abroad.


Forms for Visa Applications

Financial Guarantee

Sample Affadavit of Support for your student visa application
Sample Bank Letter for your student visa application
Sample Police Clearance Letter for you student visa application


Forms Required After the Program

Education Abroad Program Evaluation - To be completed and sent to CUAbroad following overseas program

Education Abroad Grievance Form - To be completed if a students needs to file a complaint about his or her program


Forms for Incoming Exchange students

Application for Incoming Exchange Students - See more information here.

Course Selection Form - For incoming exchange students.