The Catholic University of America

Paying Your Bills

The information below is applicable to all programs that are administered or affiliated with CUA. Students are responsible for making payments to CUAbroad on time.

Application Fee:  Payment is due at the time of application and must be made directly to CUAbroad by check, cash or by credit card. Credit card payments must be made by completing the CUA Credit Card Form.
Deposit:  The non-refundable deposit (applicable toward the program fee) reserves a place for the student in the program.  Payment is due two weeks after acceptance into the program and must be made directly to CUAbroad by bank or personal check, money order or credit card. Credit card payments must be made by completing the CUA Credit Card Form

The deposit for most programs is $500.00, except it is $1,000 for the CUA Oxford Honors Program.
Program Fee: The program fee - less the non-refundable deposit - is charged to the CUA student account, and can be paid directly to the Student Accounts office or online via CardinalPAY
CUAbroad Offer Acceptance Form:  All participants accepted to a CUA or CUA-affiliated program must complete the CUAbroad Offer Acceptance Form 
CUA Financial Aid:  Participants receiving any type of financial aid (grants, loans, scholarships, etc.) through CUA toward their degree must consult with their financial aid advisor regarding the payment for their education abroad programs.  CUA grants and scholarships may not be used to pay for a non-CUA program.

Financial Holds:  Students with financial or other holds on their accounts that prevent them from registering for courses must clear the hold before they will be allowed to attend their program abroad.  Failure to clear the hold will result in withdrawal from the program and the implementation of the CUAbroad Cancellation & Withdrawal Policy.

Non-CUA students

Applicants who are pursuing a degree at another higher educational institution and wish to participate in a CUA program, must contact their own institution's financial aid office for guidance.

Non-CUA Programs

CUA student participating in programs not affiliated with CUA pay a small application fee directly to CUAbroad.  All other program costs are due to the provider (US or international institution/organization) directly and according to their deadlines and policies. 

Students participating in semester- or academic year programs MUST be enrolled full time (12-15 credit hours) during the program. Exception to this requirement must be requested in writing and approved by the Center for Education Abroad and the Dean of the school in which the student is enrolled. Such request usually not granted due to student visa regulations in the host country. Any prior balances due to CUA MUST be paid in full in order to be officially admitted in an education abroad program (both affiliated or non-affiliated). Students will not be allowed to study abroad unless all past CUA balances are paid up.