The Catholic University of America

Study Abroad Preparation Checklist

Before You Apply


How to Apply

  • Start an Application by clicking the "Apply Now" button at the top of the program page.
  • Carefully read application instructions and compile the documents you will need to submit
  • Wait for notice regarding the acceptance status of your application.
  • Consider applying for scholarships.


After Acceptance

  • Sign the offer acceptance form in Cardinal Go Abroad.
  • Pay your deposit.
  • Cancel on-campus housing.
  • Attend the Know Before You Go Pre-Departure Orientation.
  • Attend your program-specific orientation.
  • Purchase your flight.
  • Register for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.
  • Visit the State Department travel website for information about your destination, including health, safety, and visas.
  • Visit the Student Health Center - or speak with your physician - three months before departure for a check-up and any travel-related immunizations.
  • Arrange an international calling plan or plan to purchase a new sim card overseas. Contact your phone provider to unlock your phone.


Paying for Your Program

  •  Review the estimated budget sheet linked at the top of your program page.
  • Apply for relevant scholarships.
  • Set up a payment plan (if desired) for your tuition and program fee.
  • If you are on Financial Aid, make sure you have submitted a current FAFSA
  • If you use commercial loans, consider setting up a power of attorney.
  • Notify your bank and credit card company that you will be traveling overseas.


Travel Documents & Arrangements

  • Apply for your passport if you don’t already have one. Processing can take 6-8 weeks.
  • Learn about visa requirements for your country - and also those you plan to visit.  Follow instructions in a timely manner.  Catholic University administered and affiliated programs will provide you with visa instructions.  
  • Make flight arrangements and be prepared to pay for your airline ticket (it will be due before you receive your financial aid). Take out a short-term loan if you need it.
  • Scan and make a copy of all of your important documents (passport, visa, acceptance letter, round-trip flight itinerary, etc.) to have with you when you travel. Consider sharing them with a parent or relative before you go.


While Abroad

  • Notify parents or loved ones once you have safely arrived.
  • Complete your overseas contact information in Cardinal Go Abroad.
  • Attend the on-site orientation.
  • Look for ways to make local friends such as through university clubs, sports, and volunteer activities.
  • Make plans for your return. Anticipate reverse-culture shock as you adjust to life back at home. 


After Your Return