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Education Abroad Opportunities for Architecture Students

Architecture studies at the School of Architecture and Planning are organized around the globe.  To accommodate the wide variety of interests within our undergraduate and graduate student-body, the School offers an extensive variety of architecture travel-study programs.


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Semester Programs

Other International Opportunities

Course Based Travel
A variety of other travel opportunities are available for students. Studios and other courses often supplement the in-class learning experience with opportunities for both domestic and foreign travel. Opportunities include a Japan/China Study Program giving students exposure to the architecture, gardens, and urban design of Asian cultures and week long workshops at Casa Malaparte in Capri, Italy exploring the connection of architecture and landscape.

The FAAR Program
Each year two graduate students are selected to spend the fall semester studying at the Fondazione Architetto Augusto Rancilio in Milan, Italy. The students are awarded scholarships by the foundation and pursue independent research on a theme established by FAAR and the Catholic University of America. Themes may include architectural history and theory, design, urban studies or technology. Participating students earn 15 credits toward the professional degree. This program is sponsored by Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi and the School of Architecture and Planning of The Catholic University of America.

Current & Returning Students

Peer Advisors: Did study abroad change your life? Would you like to share your overseas experiences with other students? Are you looking for a satisfying volunteer experience to complement your resume? CUAbroad is pleased to continue our Peer Advisor Program for interested students. Peer Advisors assist education abroad staff in offering supplementary advising services by providing a student perspective to CUA students wishing to study abroad. They meet with prospective students and groups and offer guidance through the preparation process. See the Peer Advisor webpage for application instructions and additional information.

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Keeping a blog can be a window into education abroad for interested and prospective students. If you're planning on keeping a blog while overseas, consider sharing it with CUAbroad for the benefit of other Architecture students.