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Sydney Pomykata - Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires is a vibrant and versatile city with an infinite number of possibilities to offer young people. During my semester in Argentina I attended concerts, film festivals, musicals, political rallies, plays, museum exhibits, artisan fairs, and tango shows, all while drastically improving my Spanish! I took rowing lessons, rode horses, and kayaked. I celebrated the Bicentennial birthday of Argentina in its capital city and was able to attend the reopening of the Teatro Colon after four years, arguably the most renowned opera house in South America. I cheered at polo and rugby matches and donned my Argentina jersey and vuvuzela to root for the country during the World Cup. I got drenched on a boat ride under the famous Iguazu Falls and hiked in Patagonia. I shared mate, the traditional Argentine tea, with Porteños (citizens of Buenos Aires) and partook in the traditional asados, a popular gourmet Argentine barbecue, in some of the oldest cafes in the country where famous Argentine poets and authors had worked on their most well-known pieces. I even took a class on Argentine Poetry from one of the country's famous poets!

Student Profile:

Major: Politics & Spanish for International Service

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Program: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Term Abroad: Spring 2010

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