The Catholic University of America

Student Course Selection

On your application, you must also fill out your selection of courses that you would like to take while at CUA. For a course search, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Class Search page in Cardinal Station.

  2.  Enter the following information:

Institution: The Catholic University of America
Term: If you are studying in the fall, select the most recent fall term. If you are studying in the spring, select the most recent spring term.
Course Subject: Select the appropriate department.
Course Number: Greater than or equal to 100
Course Career: Undergraduate
Do not check “Show Open Classes Only’ or “Show Open Entry/Exit Classes Only.”

   3. Hit "Search."

The resulting list of courses is not current and may change, but it should give you an approximate idea of what will be available during the term you are at CUA. Please select five courses plus several alternate courses in case your preferred classes are not available.

Students may also use this process at the start of the semester to find out where the course will meet. Keep a copy of these for your records.

Please note: Undergraduate students should make note that they can register for courses no higher than 400 level. Courses and 500 & 600 level require special permission from the school. Registration for courses is on a first-come, first-served basis, and space cannot be guaranteed for visiting students.

Keep in contact with CUAbroad to assure that you have registered as a FULL-TIME student, and into the classes that are best suited to you.